Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kids Golf Bag Birthday Cake

One of our littlest fans has his own special flavor with us, vanilla pudding filling and vanilla cake. It was his special request last year, and again this year. Little Max is a golfer {smile} and loves the Gators, so we made him a little Gator club cover, along with a putter and wood (I am pitiful at golf, so please forgive if I didn't say those correctly). It makes my job so wonderful to have kids as repeat clients because you get to see their new interests year to year and be a part of their family in a small way. Enough with the sappiness, lets eat some vanilla pudding cake!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Modern Circles Wedding Cake

I love it when a bride comes to me and says that she is getting married at The Orlando Science Center! The venue choice says so much about a bride, and this choice says that she is not afraid to be different. We made the circles of a deep red fondant, cut very meticulously. The taupe pearls and red swirls matched a graphic on the invitation (one of my favorite sources of inspiration for the cake) and the circles were inspired by the invitations as well as some deep red linen the couple used at the reception. When the cake was finished, there still seemed to be something missing from the top, so we attached some of the circles together (and luckily they stayed!).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Camellia and Lace Wedding Cake

I first made this cake in buttercream in October for a dear friend, and I must confess that every time a bride circles "traditional" on her wedding words worksheet, my little heart pitter patters at the remote thought of making this cake. As with every cake, this time we did it a little different. Since my flower class with Ron Ben-Isreal, my sugar flower skills have improved a tiny, tiny bit (blog post about him, his class and the wonderful flowers this coming soon!). I made this camellia in his class, and almost cried when it went out the door forever.... but knew it went to a deserving bride. We also went with fondant this time to give it an even neater appearance, and great surface for piping lace pattern in royal icing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wood Grain Wedding Cake

When I heard that this couple wanted a wood grain cake with a cute little carving of their initials (to match their invitation), I was so nervous about how to pull off rustic and neatness at the same time. The first decision I made was to use an ivory fondant base and a very light colored royal icing. I knew that the contrast would be significant enough with all the wood grain piping, and I didn't want the detail to be overwhelming. The second decision I made was to use the round part of the wood grain more frequently than in nature, to add an artistic element to the pattern. I was happy with these decisions when I arrived on site to find an all ivory room and a funky-artsy cake topper (more on this below).
So many times when we deliver wedding cakes, the background is something less than attractive, and the lighting challenges are too much to handle for this amateur (wedding photogs, I don't know how you do it!). I understand that the quality of my images speaks volumes to brides so I decided to setup a spot in my new shop to take photos of my cakes in natural light,with a white background... and voila the first photo! That being said, upon delivering this cake, I realized the benefits of taking photos on site.... they had two vintage porceline love birds (like my navy and pink cake) as their wedding cake topper!