Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Southern Wedding

Here at The Sugar Suite, we are passionate about design. Our goal is to take the style of the bride and translate that into an original cake design, because every bride is an original herself.

I met this bride over a year ago and if there is one word I could use to describe her, it is SWEET! When we talked about the idea of using real lace on her Southern inspired Winter Park Farmers Market wedding, I prayed she'd say yes! Not only did she say yes, but she asked for a ranunculus and garden rose inspired sugar flower to go on her cake...... I was immediately in love with the cake, before I even created it!

Here is a little bit more about her flower.
I started with clean edged petals on a round cell bud. I placed the first three overlapping to cover the cell bud, and then the following five, tightly around the base.
The next set of seven petals were also placed in a tight, bulb-like fashion, on a slight vertical angle at the tip of the clean edged petals.
Then onto the outer layers of 5 and 6 petals that I placed gradually more horizontal. The cupping technique on the edge of the petals gave the flower a bulbous feel, while still allowing for width.

The final product placed on the cake

Oh, sweet Southern lace!
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Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 Best of Weddings Winner on The Knot!

We were recently awarded the "Best of Weddings" on The Knot, and OUR brides gave us a perfect score!
We are grateful, humbled and so pumped to reach this personal and professional goal.... and in our first year on The Knot!

Thank you to all our brides, we love you!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

French Bronze Birthday Cake

Last week I was in a design rut when it came to a friends birthday cake. I knew it had to have a French feel since we were dining at the fabulous Chez Vincent in Winter Park! I wanted to use turquoise and bronze reminiscent of the Parisian rooftops and metro.

After an agonizingly uninspired Google search and an quick education that real bronze is actually a brown-black shade of green, not the shiny red-copper I remember......I only had a turquoise two tier hexagon cake and nothing else, then I saw "it!"

I saw some favorite camellias I made last year, along with some extra flowers and leaves that were left over from a different project.

I looked at my leftover florals, then looked at my bronze paint and I took the leap!

There is nothing better than great friends, great food and great cake!
The Sugar Suite has a great MENU, but we love it when people want to customize their flavor. This cake was Mint Chocolate cake with Baileys and white chocolate buttercream, I know I always say this.... but this is my new favorite flavor!

Bon Appetite!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grooms Cake Fever

Grooms cakes, a tradition here in The South (Yes, Orlando is in The South), show the personality of the groom, and the whimsy and fun side of the couple. At The Sugar Suite, we always encourage the couples to put the grooms cake on completely different table than the wedding cake, ideally on the other side of the room. The elegant and statuesque wedding cake should never have to compete with a fun or funny cake.

What do these cakes say about their grooms?

This is a "red" sea turtle for a red-headed surfer groom

Trumpet for this musical groom

Snoopy and Woodstock for this Snoopy memorabilia collector

Noles emblem for the Florida State grad

Yellow Shirt for the Trekki

Soccer ball for the Arsenal fan!

Cessna for this pilot

PC for this groom, with his actual screen saver (what a sweetie!)

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Cake Design for a Designer: Winter Park Farmer's Market Elegance

Stylish Wedding at The Winter Park Farmer's Market

There is no more daunting of a task then creating something for a designer, especially when its as important as their wedding cake. Further, the pressure is really on when she is your best friend! Nicole and I had been talking about her wedding cake for years (literally), and when it came down to the final execution we took her style of clean, modern yet vintage, high contrast colors, yet simple and organic (the reception took place at The Winter Park Farmers Market)..... and took a turn towards the grand. Its her wedding cake after all!

This was the couples "brand" that appeared on everything from the invitations to the programs (to the banner hiding the not-so-elegant co
mmunity events board outside the Farmers Market).
Once the cake was assembled I began placing the brooch centered peony inspired flowers.

British folklore has it that the wedding can foretells the size of the couples family, The top represents the couple, the very bottom tier their family and the tiers in between is how many children the will have. My sights were set on a 7 tier cake (and wishes for 5 children), but I knew that would get me in trouble so I settled for 5! :)
Nicole wanted a touch of gold and a touch of black, much mostly a tone on tone look that wasn't too traditional. Our answer was to hide some jewelery looking brooches as the centers of the high petaled flower. I wanted the flowers to bring in some of the organic elements of the Farmers Market, without going the mason jar or potted plants route (also a cute idea for this venue).... so I added as many petals as possible.
The thought of black piping crossed my mind to add more contrast to this cake. In the end it was important to me that the flowers were the stars of the show and didn't want to go overboard on this anti-gaudy couple.

And the grooms cake for this dashing and musical groom! His real trumpet is silver, but an executive decision was made for the sake of the wedding colors to make it gold.These fantastic images were captured by Orlando Wedding Photographer Shannon Nicole Smith, a rising star in the wedding world! Ian and Nicole's wedding will be featured on their wedding stationery blog in the coming weeks, check back to get the link!

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