Tuesday, January 25, 2011

French Bronze Birthday Cake

Last week I was in a design rut when it came to a friends birthday cake. I knew it had to have a French feel since we were dining at the fabulous Chez Vincent in Winter Park! I wanted to use turquoise and bronze reminiscent of the Parisian rooftops and metro.

After an agonizingly uninspired Google search and an quick education that real bronze is actually a brown-black shade of green, not the shiny red-copper I remember......I only had a turquoise two tier hexagon cake and nothing else, then I saw "it!"

I saw some favorite camellias I made last year, along with some extra flowers and leaves that were left over from a different project.

I looked at my leftover florals, then looked at my bronze paint and I took the leap!

There is nothing better than great friends, great food and great cake!
The Sugar Suite has a great MENU, but we love it when people want to customize their flavor. This cake was Mint Chocolate cake with Baileys and white chocolate buttercream, I know I always say this.... but this is my new favorite flavor!

Bon Appetite!

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