Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Southern Wedding

Here at The Sugar Suite, we are passionate about design. Our goal is to take the style of the bride and translate that into an original cake design, because every bride is an original herself.

I met this bride over a year ago and if there is one word I could use to describe her, it is SWEET! When we talked about the idea of using real lace on her Southern inspired Winter Park Farmers Market wedding, I prayed she'd say yes! Not only did she say yes, but she asked for a ranunculus and garden rose inspired sugar flower to go on her cake...... I was immediately in love with the cake, before I even created it!

Here is a little bit more about her flower.
I started with clean edged petals on a round cell bud. I placed the first three overlapping to cover the cell bud, and then the following five, tightly around the base.
The next set of seven petals were also placed in a tight, bulb-like fashion, on a slight vertical angle at the tip of the clean edged petals.
Then onto the outer layers of 5 and 6 petals that I placed gradually more horizontal. The cupping technique on the edge of the petals gave the flower a bulbous feel, while still allowing for width.

The final product placed on the cake

Oh, sweet Southern lace!
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Deeva said...

This cake is gorgeous!

Jennyfer said...

Thanks Deeva! It was a joy to make!