Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grooms Cake Fever

Grooms cakes, a tradition here in The South (Yes, Orlando is in The South), show the personality of the groom, and the whimsy and fun side of the couple. At The Sugar Suite, we always encourage the couples to put the grooms cake on completely different table than the wedding cake, ideally on the other side of the room. The elegant and statuesque wedding cake should never have to compete with a fun or funny cake.

What do these cakes say about their grooms?

This is a "red" sea turtle for a red-headed surfer groom

Trumpet for this musical groom

Snoopy and Woodstock for this Snoopy memorabilia collector

Noles emblem for the Florida State grad

Yellow Shirt for the Trekki

Soccer ball for the Arsenal fan!

Cessna for this pilot

PC for this groom, with his actual screen saver (what a sweetie!)

The Sugar Suite's grooms cakes are a personal and fun touch to your wedding reception. Check out our specialty cake gallery for inspiration for your grooms cake!

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