Monday, September 30, 2013

The Sugar Suite Shop is now OPEN!

We are excited to announce the "Soft Opening" of our bakery boutique! Everyone is invited!
  Read more below about what "soft opening" means to us, and why we are doing it.
Orlando wedding bakery | Orlando wedding cake | Orlando Cupcakes

Our Shop Hours are:

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm

Closed Sunday

Our address is:
1630 South Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL

Every day we will be posting TODAYS MENU. 

Below is our menu board with 6 cupcakes, 5 seasonal desserts and our weekly special.  We are focusing on using fresh seasonal ingredients, and making our favorite classic and rustic desserts.

Some items will remain on the menu all year long, some are seasonal, some just for that day! 
Orlando wedding bakery | Orlando wedding cake | Orlando Cupcakes
This sign was custom made for us by Kim McFadden at The Chalk Shop
She was an absolutely pleasure to work with and is a true designer/artist!

In addition to the new menu items offered daily, we have created a line of premium cakes called "Party Cakes"
We are responding to our clients who are looking for a moderately priced, gourmet birthday or party cake that looks great. You have your choice of size, buttercream finish, decor and flavor. Although we will have cakes at our shop on a first come first serve basis,  party cakes must be ordered 10 days prior to customize.
To learn more about the customization options and how to order email
Orlando wedding bakery | Orlando wedding cake | Orlando Cupcakes

We have chosen to do a "soft opening" as opposed to a full launch for the month of October for our customers. I was inspired by one of my favorite companies, Disney.  Before launching their resorts, restaurants or attractions to the public, Disney first asks its cast members (in our case friends & clients) to join them in perfecting their systems, products and all around experience before launching to the public. We never "launched" our current company, our strategy was to do the best job possible and more customers came.  We felt right about sticking to this culture that has given us so much success, and felt a need to work out all the kinks before meeting the public. Our core desire has remained meeting the expectations for service and quality that our customers have come to expect. 
Our soft opening will include some tastes of our new desserts as well as link to a survey rating all aspects of your experience.
Orlando wedding bakery | Orlando wedding cake | Orlando CupcakesWe hope you'll join us! 

All photos by my dear sweet talented friend Amalie Orrange

Orlando wedding bakery | Orlando wedding cake | Orlando Cupcakes