Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pearls, Pearls and More Pearls Wedding Cake

Without exaggeration, pearls are the most classically elegant style and design elements EVER. The best have worn them, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, and some of my personal heroes!

When my very good friend Shaler asked me to make her wedding cake, and that she wanted pearls to be the focal centerpiece of the wedding cake design..... I was in heaven, well sort of....

Pearls are a cake designers dream to design, and nightmare to execute, rolling each one individually can be time consuming. Substitution with pre-made pearls is a good solution if you aren't going to use a tinted coloring or any sort of pearl dust. Shaler wanted shades of pink, peach, white and ivory pearls which gave the hundreds of pearls more dimension, giving attention to each one.

Bakers Tip: if you are adhering accents to a cake that have pearl, gold or silver dust piping gel is a great material that dries clear and will hold the weight of the larger pearls (royal icing and buttercream are not strong enough, and the dust makes the material very slippery).

A special thank you to The Orlando Citrus Club, the venue for Shaler's wedding reception.

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