Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bright Buttons Photoshoot

Recently I participated in a styled shoot where the theme was buttons!
It was so much fun and had such sweet and adorable details!

I had the great pleasure of working with Sivan Rettew of Sivan Photography, Jaclyn Fraser of At Last Weddings + Events, Kimberly McFadden of The Chalk Shop, Tara Gould of P is For Pie Bake Shop La Lovely Ink, Courtney Hill of Dishie Rentals, Darrin and Cindy Shifrel of Orlando Wedding and Party RentalsMarigold Scott, Mike and Kristina of 829films, and last but not least Dream Designs Florist

Here is the gorgeous colorful flower arrangement by Dream Design Florist

I love sepia tones, this picture is so gorgeous!

How fun!

Our button sugar flower.

The backdrop was by Kimberly McFadden of The Chalk Shop, isn't' it adorable!?

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rivini Wedding Dress Inspired Cake

We adore wedding dresses, especially when they inspire the cake design!  Our bride Melinda Chose this gorgeous Rivini dress and loved the accompanying brooch belt. Her wedding took place at Paradise Cove Orlando, an outdoor lakeside venue with fantastic atmosphere!  
 Dress by RiviniSolutions Bridal Designer House

Our design challenge was to create a detailed sugar brooch belt that matched her real sophisticated jeweled belt, while keeping with the tropical feel of the venue.  Our answer: fresh cymbidiums and a graduated buttercream swirl cascade to offset the linear shape of the belt.

Here was the final cake:

Photos by: Robert McClory

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ombre Love!

Ombre the gradual "fade" from one color to another, generally brighter and richer colors to lighter and more muted tones.  We are big fans of this technique and it has been a great way to tie together different design elements. Here are some cakes we've done with this effect!
This cake was for a modern Southern wedding at The MEZZ. The bride used a spectrum of purples and the cake was a great way to tie them all together! 

This outdoor summer wedding used the crisp contrast whites and yellows. The simplicity of the texture and no-fuss white florals on top was perfect for this Cypress Grove Estate House wedding.
Photographer: Ashley McCormick

This twilight stargazer cake was for a wedding at The Orlando Science Center (how fitting!).  The couple wanted to show the evening sky, but chose brighter blues in their color scheme.  The answer to what color the cake should be: both!  Ombred!

 This bride simply wanted a pretty cake.  This rose cake is a favorite of ours, and we accented each tier with pearlized lace.  She used pink in the reception decor, but wanted just a touch of color on her cake.  The answer: an ombre center to the flower!
Below is a shot of the inside of their cake
Photos: Kelly Canova

This bridal shower cake used a subtle ombre of a darker pink on the sides to give the cake design a bit more dimension on the buttercream rosettes.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Desserts on a stick!

There is something about an adorable dessert that makes it even more delicious! We know that if we squeal at the sight of a new dessert, our clients will love it!  The first dessert on a stick we made was brownie pops with salted caramel.  Since then we've come up with three new desserts on a stick:

Pie Pops: available in any pie flavors with a sweet lattice pastry crust.

Cinnamon Bun Pops: pastry style cinnamon buns with a cream cheese glaze The icing presentation can be zig-zagged like shown, on the side or a little swirl on top

Brownie pops with peanut buttercream dollop.  These smell amazing, and never underestimate the crowd pleasing power of peanut butter!

In the coming weeks we'll be testing more dessert recipes so stayed tuned into our Facebook page!

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