Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Cake Design for a Designer: Winter Park Farmer's Market Elegance

Stylish Wedding at The Winter Park Farmer's Market

There is no more daunting of a task then creating something for a designer, especially when its as important as their wedding cake. Further, the pressure is really on when she is your best friend! Nicole and I had been talking about her wedding cake for years (literally), and when it came down to the final execution we took her style of clean, modern yet vintage, high contrast colors, yet simple and organic (the reception took place at The Winter Park Farmers Market)..... and took a turn towards the grand. Its her wedding cake after all!

This was the couples "brand" that appeared on everything from the invitations to the programs (to the banner hiding the not-so-elegant co
mmunity events board outside the Farmers Market).
Once the cake was assembled I began placing the brooch centered peony inspired flowers.

British folklore has it that the wedding can foretells the size of the couples family, The top represents the couple, the very bottom tier their family and the tiers in between is how many children the will have. My sights were set on a 7 tier cake (and wishes for 5 children), but I knew that would get me in trouble so I settled for 5! :)
Nicole wanted a touch of gold and a touch of black, much mostly a tone on tone look that wasn't too traditional. Our answer was to hide some jewelery looking brooches as the centers of the high petaled flower. I wanted the flowers to bring in some of the organic elements of the Farmers Market, without going the mason jar or potted plants route (also a cute idea for this venue).... so I added as many petals as possible.
The thought of black piping crossed my mind to add more contrast to this cake. In the end it was important to me that the flowers were the stars of the show and didn't want to go overboard on this anti-gaudy couple.

And the grooms cake for this dashing and musical groom! His real trumpet is silver, but an executive decision was made for the sake of the wedding colors to make it gold.These fantastic images were captured by Orlando Wedding Photographer Shannon Nicole Smith, a rising star in the wedding world! Ian and Nicole's wedding will be featured on their wedding stationery blog in the coming weeks, check back to get the link!

To see more of our wedding cakes, visit The Sugar Suite's wedding cake gallery! Now, her is some eye candy from their reception...


Julie ( said...

My sister, Connie, was at this wedding! They texted me a picture of the beautiful cake! :) Small world. You did a great job on the cake.

Jennyfer said...

Thanks Julie! Connie is your sister? She is so fun! It IS a small world!

Mikkel said...

I LOVE that cake! LOVE the flowers and the placing of them on the cake was phenomenal.

markkfinn said...

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