Monday, June 1, 2009

Jen Isham, Orlando's Star!

I recently had the great pleasure of making the acquaintance of Mrs. Jen Isham who is a contestant on the 5th season of The Next Food Network Star, which premiers this coming Sunday June 7th at 9:00PM. Anyone that has seen the show knows that the most important aspect the chefs must master is to have to have is a clear "culinary point of view".... and Jen has a relevant, charming point of view... she calls herself the Modern Housewife, version 2.0 :) This modern housewife loves to show her love through food, with the twinkle of a 50's housewife, mixed with a Cinderella magic, and the strength of a modern woman . Her love for her husband and family reminds me of a young Ina Garten; classy, real and the type of person you dream about inviting you over for dinner! There is also a sassy, unpretentious side to this darling. Her leopard print website, love of beer and occasional cursing reassures you that she is not a phony, and frankly my kind of girl!

We are rooting for you Jen, knock 'em dead!

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Jen Isham Housewife 2.0 said...

My fellowing Stacey Kane loving Jen... thank you for your awesome support and great post! I can't wait to meet you in person- and have one of those amazing looking cupcakes!