Thursday, May 27, 2010

House from the Heart

Growing up, I spend a lot of time at my best friend's grandparents house, which was walking distance from our school. We have so many warm memories of the super sloped driveway, the green and white awnings, the vegetable garden of and ghost adventures in the attic. When Grandpa Jerry's 80th birthday arrived, I knew we had to make a cake of the house he raised his 6 children and one grandchild (and one adopted grandchild, me!) in... 1023 E Livingston Street. It was my first building, and required way more time and detail than I anticipated..... but this project was straight from the heart to honor Grandpa Jerry!


Nicole said...

THANK YOU, doesn't seem to be enough! Grandpa absolutly loved his cake along with everyone else at the party. I could not have imagined a more perfect cake to celebrate his 80th birthday. You are truly amazing!!!!

P.S Grandpa & Grandma had 7 kids :)

ms.pattya said...

This puts tears "HAPPY TEARS " in my eyes .. Even though it has been almost one year sense you made this cake, I still truly appreciate your HARD work from your heart .. You are a GREAT person, and I love you a lot !!!