Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tear Sheets and Wedding Words Worksheets

The Sugar Suite has a process to better understand our clients style. With thousands of images and hundreds of wedding related blogs on the internet, and even more sources of inspiration fro magazines,venues and friends..... organizing all of those thoughts on top of design choices already made for the wedding can be a daunting tasting.

To simplify this process for the design consultation we ask our brides to bring one of two things to our design consultation.

First, for the right brainers out there: The Tear Sheet. The Tear Sheet consists of images that represent the couples wedding style. We have gotten pictures from chandeliers, invitations, dresses, things that brides have torn out of magazines and printed from the internet...... and we love it when we get a collage of various images such as this one below. This helps me as a designer reference the carefully chosen pictures when sketching out their wedding cake designs.

Second is for the left-brainers out there: The Wedding Words Worksheet. The Wedding Words Worksheet is the same concept as the Tear Sheet, just in words. There are no rules or psychology to which words are chosen, I just ask them to circle the ones that stand out to them.

Getting to know our brides and helping them communicate their style makes the process fun and easy!

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