Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Summer of Faux

As a designer, I sometimes wonder if I'm crazy.
I see royal icing detail in the wallpaper at the Delano, I see sugar brooches in the clearance section of Anthropologie, I see a wedding cake on the cover of the Vogue in my friend's guest bathroom. (clearly, I'm inspired everywhere!)

In the words of Marcy Blum, Eventiste and New York Wedding Planner to the stars: "I am always on a treasure hunt" and whether it be obsession or talent (the combination of which I like to call passion)... I too am always on a hunt for new ideas and ways to express those ideas in sugar.

The Summer of Faux is about taking all of our inspiration, these styrafoam (or "faux") cakes, some sugar and a lot passion to show everyone what we see, and hopefully inspire .

Stay tunned for the full stories, images and faux cakes, its going to be one inspired summer!

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