Monday, February 20, 2012

Cobalt Cosmos

Some clients you just connect with right away, Cassie and her mom Annette were those types of clients!  Cassie wanted something bold and modern to fit her ultra modern venue, The MEZZ in downtown Orlando.  She loved the fresh and sharp color contrast of white and cobalt, and I couldn't agree more!  She also wanted to incorporate some bling for flair!  She ended up finding 4 gorgeous brooches that we used as centers of the cosmo inspired flowers.  We made little sugar jeweled centers for the cosmo buds to compliment the larger flowers.
The Inspiration

The Sketch

I wanted to design to use clean cobalt ribbon for lines to reinforce the modern style she wanted for the reception. Lastly, I used silver dragees around the flowers to bring in more bling, but also making the buttercream look more full (and not so naked)

The Cake

The cosmos were made with a parrot tulip cutter, and heavy veiner.  The brooches, which had see-through areas between the diamonds were backed with white fondant, which became invisible in the final product.  A wire anchored from the backing of the brooch, stabilized the placement of the flowers.  We achieved the blue with a sapphire edible luster dust over already blue gumpaste.  All that being said, we had to remake them three times before getting this final flower.... but it was all worth it when we received this email from the bride the following day (*squeal!)*):

"Jennyfer!!!! Everything was beyond perfect. The cakes looked and tasted amazing. Thank you so much for helping us!"

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