Monday, March 12, 2012

Extreme Flowers with Ron Ben-Israel!

Yesterday I got back from an incredible flower class taught by Ron Ben-Israel. The class took place at Custom Cakes in Savannah, GA at the bakery of Minette Rushing whom I affectionately call my Fairy Godmother of Cake! 
Ron is a wedding cake designer from NYC that specializes in sugar flowers and really spectacular wedding cakes.
Not only is Ron an credible talent, but he is an excellent business man and very generous with his knowledge and experiences.  The last half our of each class students are encouraged to ask questions about cake, business and himself... he's an open book!
The title of the class was "Extreme Flowers" meaning extremely large and extremely small.  

First was the rose. Below is my rose which was approximately 7" in width,  These roses don't exist in nature, but during the Victorian time people would place additional petals behind a rose to great a giant flower called a Glamelia.

The next extremely large flower we made was the Orchid, which also measured 7+"  the flower is made up of 7 wired petals and and the center was hand painted with the red detail.  To finish the petals we added a small amount of pearl dust to give it a shimmer.

Then we moved onto the extremely small. 
The traditional wedding flower the Stephanotis and the mini-mini Lilac. We also made some Lily of the Valley, Princess Kate's wedding bouquet choice!

These are the roses that Ron made with his signature spiral and pointed edges.

Here is the lucky gradutate "hug-posing" (my new move) with the flower guru himself! :)

Ron giving instruction on the wiring of the orchid

My Fairy Godmother of Cake

Our first intern Brooke is now working full time at Custom Cakes, we are so proud of you Brooke!

Excellent class, incredible teachers and lovely fellow students! If anyone is interested in finding out more about these classes I recommend visiting 

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