Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wedding Cake Selection Kits!

The wedding cake tasting day is one of my favorite days. Our approach is a "to-go" tasting, where couples pick up a box complete with all the flavors of cake and buttercream. Its better described as a "Wedding Cake Selection Kit", where couples can choose the flavors of their actual wedding cake, rather than just "Tasting" our product. I have always pictured the couples with a glass of champagne (recommended with sweets) practice-feeding each other their favorite cake..... call me romantic! Unless the couple is very decisive, we recommend scheduling the Cake Kit within 6 months of the wedding date.

We are interested in hearing any and all thoughts on this format, pros cons and any suggestions to make it even better.

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Dayna said...

I happen to think this is a wonderful idea. We were able to share our thoughts and discuss everything privately, which was nice as well. We were even able to divide the tasting up amongst 5 people! It was perfect. Thank you, Jennyfer.