Monday, January 5, 2009

Is Sugar-free still Suite?

Before the holidays, my theory on weight loss and cupcakes was "eat less cake." That was until I met a client that was diagnosed with diabetes and unable to eat any sweets during his annual holiday dessert party. I was on a mission to bake a yummy sugar-free cupcake, and what I found changed the way I look at cake. My experience researching and talking with cake bakers affirmed that the myth of simply subsituting SPLENDA for sugar in my favoirte recipe was in fact false (says so right on the SPLENDA box). I also learned that a completely sugar-free cupcake is hard to find, and that SPLENDA themselves publish a recipie with 75% less sugar, rather than sugar free. The result: suprisingly delicious! Below I have posted links to the two recipies I used, which I highly recommend if you are looking for a healthier cake.

Sugar-free, Fat-free Chocolate Cupcakes:
I give it a B- (it makes 12 cupcakes, not the 24 suggested)

SLENDA Yellow Cupcakes:
I would give this recipe an A, suprigingly moist!

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