Monday, January 26, 2009

Mah Jong Fever!

Ever since the first Mah Jong cake, I have had so many people ask me "what is Mah Jong?" Well, its a Chinese domino-like multiplayer game, and those who play it are crazy about it! This birthday cake was made to look like the birthday girl's own Mah Jong set complete with a jade stand. Even though this is the second cake I've done with this game, I still haven't played, but it seems like its mostly ladies who adore it..... any guys out there that play Mah Jong?

Cindy Wrote:
OMG!!! The cake was a hit! My friends were wild over the Mah Jongg cake and it tasted even better than the design! Absolutely FABULOUS!!!! I know you will be a great success! We have to figure out how to ship a tile cake!
Thank you, Thank you!!! You are definitely our designated baker!!! I have your board all ready for you. Thank you again! It was a huge success!!!!

Thanks so much, I LOVE letters like this! :)

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