Monday, February 23, 2009

Vanilla Buttermilk and Brides

The sercret to making great vanilla cake includes a wonderful ingredient that we use for almost all of our other cakes, buttermilk! Buttermilk makes a dense, super-moist cake that cuts perfectly neat slices (see photo). The flavor is so rich and delicious and I recommend this recipe to all my brides to ensure that every piece is perfect. This buttermilk cake will keep away the bridal-worries about crumbliness (thus ugly cake "mounds" on plates), dryness (yuck) and waste (from the pieces that are lost in the cutting process, mostly from the knife). The vanilla buttermilk is also available in cupcakes for that distinct buttermilk flavor (always used in our Caramel Latte cupcakes) but we also make a fluffier vanilla cake for cupcakes.
Side note: In my experience talking with brides, many prefer the look of taller tiers on a cake. That is why we have chosen to make all of our wedding cakes {insert industry term} "deep" meaning that there is an extra layer of cake on each tier. The photo above shows a three layer cake, which we would serve for any of our regular cakes. We believe not only that brides should have exactly what they want, but also that wedding cake is an entirely different category in the cake world, and deserves this distinction in our bakery.

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