Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Round and Square Wedding Cake

When planning the dimensions and servings for a wedding cake, I usually have to break out the calculator.... but in this case, I had to break out the highschool geometry class. Considering I am miserable at math, it was nothing short of VICTORY that the dimensions of this cake turned out like I wanted. There is one indispesible formula when figuring out what size tiers to plan:
The basic idea is that you you have to figure out the length of the widest part of a square, which is the diagonal length. For example, a 8" square has an 11.3" diagonal length. That means that the round tier below it must be at least 12". This cake was a 4" square, 6" round, 8" square and 12" round. See kids, that geometry IS useful beyond the SAT!
The flowers were done by Lee Forest who is insanely talented, and so likable!

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Grammy'sgirl said...

Just beautiful!! You are so talented.