Monday, June 28, 2010

Faux and Fabulous Wedding Cake

When this couple came to me, they had a grand plan to have a surprise wedding annoucement at their engagement party, followed by the rolling out of a huge wedding cake. Well, the guilt of hiding the secret got to them and they decided to have a small reception at a friends not so small house. They were only expecting 40 - 50 guests, but wanted large wedding cake as the centerpiece of the event. This is the perfect occasion for faux tiers!

Below is a picture of the 6 tiered cake, can you guess which 3 are real, and which three are faux?

Some other detail shots of the sugar flowers and monogram.

1 comment:

SweetThingsTO said...

hmmm.... I don't know... maybe the short tiers are faux... but then, that is still a lot of cake.... Love the detailed photos - amazing job!