Monday, July 12, 2010

Earthy-Organic Styled Wedding Cake

Every now and then, a client comes along with such a clear idea of who they are that their style jumps out at you! Anik is gracious, earthy, generous, sweet and lighthearted. She wanted a cake that was reflective of the earthy style they brought to all elements of their wedding, including the tree stump cake stand and ETSY birdie cake toppers. The couple's faith is a big part of their identity, so we added the bible verse read at their ceremony as a subtle element on the base of the cake.The biggest honor came when she asked me for a copy of the sketch to serve as a menu in the rustic wooden frame next to the cake. We wish you every happiness Anik and JD!


Nicole said...

I love it, It's perfectly organic yet refined!I adore that the bride thought about the complete presentation down to the stand..those subtle details compliment all the thought & details in the cake design.

SweetThingsTO said...

It's gorgeous and so perfect. I love that view from the top.