Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ina Garten: A Master Chef

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE Ina Garten! My grandmother bought me her cookbook, Barefoot in Paris, in 2005 and she loved the recipes I made so much that she bought me her another cookbook, Barefoot at Home. She inscribed on the inside "To Jennyfer, A Master Chef in The Making." Shortly after her passing, I had the strong desire to bake and eat sweets... come to find out I was pregnant!!! Where is a sweet-obsessed pregnant lady to turn?.... Ina Garten!
I have since tested dozens of cake recipes from various chefs, and I always turn back to Ina ( I now own ALL her cookbooks). Her simple, elegant approach seems to fit perfectly with the vision and flavor of The Sugar Suite and I use many of her recipes for my own cakes (with slight variations of course :)). The recipes seem to bring out the best in traditional flavors, and are never over-thought or over-done. The cake and cupcake industry is trending toward complex, new-fangled combinations..... while we are pulling in the opposite direction taking traditional favorites and classic dessert flavors and focusing on making them the best. Why try to complicate a cupcake when flavors like key lime pie and tiramisu are what bring on the raving fans!
Her new cookbook, Back to Basics, is my new BFF and she continues to inspire my professional life along with grandma's words that ring dearer every day.

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