Friday, March 13, 2009

Stacey Kane

When Amelia was 6 weeks old, we had the wonderful opportunity of meeting the world class Stacey Kane. I had seen her work in The Knot (A wedding magazine I am obsessed with....the wedding photo above was featured in The Knot), and looked forward to having beautiful pictures of our new baby girl. I had visions of the camera fluttering away, and the baby smiling and cooing at the camera. Well, that wasn't quite the case. The baby cried or slept the entire time, and didn't flash a single smirk. I immediately began planning the next session, feeling as though 6 weeks was maybe too young for a photo shoot, and feared the whole session was a loss......until I got the photos.

Stacey's philosophy is that everyday moments are what will will look back on and treasure, and that is what she captures in her photography.
On top of her paramount talent, Stacey is one of the most humble, sweet and lovable people I have ever met! She makes you feel so comfortable, and I think her amicable personality plays a part in getting such natural shots from her clients.
Stacey lives in Maine, but us Orlando folks are really lucky that she is a Disney-nut! She comes to Orlando several times a year and her next visit will be in April 2nd-5th. She is doing sessions for $150.00, and donating $50.00 from each session fee to Operation Smile. What a generous heart!
To see more photos visit: or to contact her about scheduling a session her email address is:

(Please note that the original image quality is lessened by my cut and paste action :) )

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