Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mac Cake

This cake commission for my IT guy by his lovely fiance. He is a huge fan of Mac (even has an Apple decal on his car)! For an extra little suprise, I added some html symbols to the text..... having no idea if it makes any sense. The blue background is actually a base, covered in fondant and sprayed with light blue food coloring. The cake is covered in white fondant (for the complete iconic Mac white look) and is actually the same height as a normal cake. I don't own a Mac, but I know that the people that do are absolutely in love with them!


Danielle said...

the cake was a hit! Everyone thought it was an amazing job... and of course delish too :)

DSpears said...

That cake was the Bomb!. Thank you, thank you very much Jen.

The Sugar Suite Rocks!

David Spears

The Barkery Boutique said...

So this cake was not only super cool but everyone really enjoyed the blueberry cake!!

I must tell you when the lady at the restaurant brought out the cake, she said to the birthday boy..."you must be smart" was so cute that even she knew the symbol of apple!!

You did a fabulous job :)