Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brown Cupcake Liners

A while back I decided that I liked the look of brown liners for chocolate cupcakes. This week, I brought some cupcakes to a friend's birthday party, and had only a few brown liners left. Thinking it was so big deal to use the regular liners, I proceeded. Once I got everthing set up I had a major epiphany..... brown liners ROCK! Check out these photos of some OREO cupcakes I made with regular and brown liners, what a difference!!!

I have already ordered several thousand of the liners so I will never run out! Totally worth the extra effort and money!


The Barkery Boutique said...

Here's the honest truth about The Sugar Suite's Cakes & wake up the next morning wishing that you could have just one more! (Thankfully this time there were extra so I had one breakfast ;)

DSpears said...

it looks like part of the cupcake. i hope i don't eat it.

Alison said...

You are very right the chocolate brown cupcake liners do look much better! I have always preferred them, but I never realized just how much better they look until I saw your picture with the comparison!