Friday, April 10, 2009

Swordfish Cake

This cake was ordered for my best friend's future father-in-law (second from the left in the photo), so it had to be cool. He caught a gigantic swordfish in The Keys, a regular vacation spot for the family (how cool!)..... so we HAD TO HAVE Key Lime Pie Cake! This is a vanilla cake with key lime buttercream and since the cake simply not complete without the buttery graham cracker crumbles, I put those in a little container for my friend to decorate the plate with. A sculpted cake can have filling, but the graham cracker as a filling might affect the smoothness of the fondant, so its better kept separate.

I hope that they order this cake next year, because I really want to try a more graphic look, by making black stripes on the top with food coloring and a paintbrush (like an artist). I wussed out this time, because I was so happy with how the shading turned out, I didn't want to chance ruining it. They were so OTT (over the top) about the cake, *caution* proved to be the good choice this time!

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