Monday, April 13, 2009

Mancino Wedding

My wedding day was one of THE BEST days of my life. It feels like yesterday, but I was recently reminded that it wasn't when I visited my photographers website to find that our wedding is no longer a "recent wedding" in his album (still part of the slideshow though, so that's good). It has been 2 1/2 years of wedded bliss :)...... and the thrill of this day has still not worn off. Part of my love for brides comes from my love of having been a bride. As a baker, I strive to add the special touches that will get me into each bride's hall-of-fame, and make her feel like a celebrity.
My brush with celebrity came when Syliva Weinstock offered to make my wedding cake! I adore her talent, and now I have her beautiful cake (gorgeous fall-colored flowers) as a perfect wedding memory. I posted more photos related to the cake since this IS a bakery blog.... but snuck a couple wedding pics in too!

And of course, I can't post this pics without acknowledging the designer, Preston Bailey and the photographer, Brian Adams. Two amazing talents!

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