Monday, July 27, 2009

Sail Fish Cake

Yes, another fish cake! I get so excited about people seeing a cake on the blog that they love and ordering it for someone they know. This fish was for a 50th birthday party, and the gentleman is an avid saltwater fisherman {picture flip flops and Guy Harvey}.

I had to take the picture with the cake on their dinning room table because this cake was seriously big. This base of this cake is a full sheet cake, and the tail and tip of the nose still did not fit on the base. In fact, this cake was SO huge that once assembled I had to take it to a colleagues larger refrigerator.

The cake itself was made of coconut and vanilla buttermilk cake with a rum glaze, mango buttercream and fresh fruit filling. The mango was a special request of the client, and not on our normal menu... but we are always happy to accommodate special requests. In our opinion, the more custom the better!

The Planner of the event, Stacey, said this:

"Jennifer did a magnificent job on the cake! It was unbelievable that she drove the cake out herself. Truly above and beyond the call of duty. Please thank her for me...the client and her husband absolutely adored it!"

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