Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Cake Selection Kits

The Wedding Cake Selection Kits were this past week. This is one of my favorite parts of what I do because its a chance to "dote" on my couples, and make them feel special. It makes me feel really good too, to know that because they chose me I am giving them an experience they wont have with any other baker. Couples (and sometimes their families) have a great time tasting a million different combinations of cake and buttercream. I even had a couple ask if they could purchase another kit because they enjoyed the experience so much.
This time I made 16 different buttercreams, and included 12 mini cupcakes (9 different flavors). It is called a selection kit rather than a tasting, because this kit is made for couples that have already chosen to have us make their wedding cake. If a couple isn't sure, but wants to taste what we have to offer, I am always happy to make then a small tasting (most of the time in line with what is being baked that week), and then they can always sign up for the kit down the road.

This past wave of kits included a "Tasting Grid" per a suggestion from a couple. I think the addition helped in keeping track of the combinations tasted, and may have even inspired some new ones!

The next Wedding Cake Selection Kit will be in October, and then every 4 months after that. I wanted to spread them out enough to where I could ensure that every couple would have a kit (the national average of brides booking their wedding cakes is 7 months).

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