Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bow, Brooch and Crumb-Catcher Wedding Cake

This week I had the pleasure of learning from the fabulous Minette Rushing of Custom Cakes in Savannah Georgia. The class was focused on wedding cakes, but what I learned was so much more than how to properly dowel a cake (although her method is burned into my operations manual)..... I learned about the passion that goes into making a wedding cake, and the near obsession with perfection (and leveling) that gets you to the top. I absolutely adore this sweet, Southern, generous woman who has imparted so much wisdom and experience to my business. This cake is entirely edible, including the pearl and silver brooch. The crumb catcher element on the center tier is made with fondant, rolled with a dupinoni silk roller and finished with a pearl luster. The bottom tier was made using a quilting tool, and a lot of love went into those fondant pearls. If you look closely you might notice that the base of the cake was has a crimped fondant border... my new favorite tool!


Danielle said...

It's so beautiful and I love the classic style! I can't wait until you start working on mine :)

Grammy'sgirl said...

Wow...that is absolutely beautifu!! Great job Jennyfer.